No treadmill required...

What is TACTIX?

TACTIX is a perfect blend of martial arts fitness, practical self-defense skills, boot camp intensity, body weight exercises and metabolic conditioning. The result is a fun, revolutionary workout that burns 825 calories per hour!!!

TACTIX DOES NOT teach sparring, or incorporate actual combat. Fun partner drills are used to develop timing, coordination and balance.

**LIMIT 8 People per class**
✅ FUN 
✅ Get fit & lose weight
✅ 60 Minutes of fast paced MMA style workouts

Would you like to kick it up a notch with some mixed martial arts fitness training (MMA)? then these classes are for you.

MMA is a mixture of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and more! These are fitness classes, (yes, you will learn cool moves...NO, you should not use them outside the classes!)

There will be a limit of 8 people per class. The classes are 60 minutes including warm-up, stretching/flexibility and, of course, cardio. 


Normally $15/per class, ($45/week). Now $30/wk when you buy three months in full. $360 for 3 months a $540 value.**

REGISTER HERE TODAY  before the classes are booked, or call (440) 409-3571

**You'll need special MMA/boxing gloves available on my site for the class. I have made a deal with Combat Sports and they are waiving S&H/taxes for our group on these gloves and any gear we need. An additional $60 for your personal protection gear is included in the price at checkout. (Total $420)