​​​​​UNLIMITED BOOT CAMP (Includes Nutrition Counseling)
​Each and every workout here at Wendy's Club Fit of North Olmsted combines elements of High Intensity Interval Training, as well as Active Rest periods giving you the best possible workouts and twice the fat burning effect of any other exercise program! Best of all each and every training session is high energy and coached by our certified personal training team to keep you accountable, motivated, and on track for your fitness goals.

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MMA Sparring Gloves needed for class

Some of the classes require personal protection. Although we are a fitness studio and do not actually get in the ring, you will need a specific type of glove for some of the classes. Without these gloves, you will not be allowed to hit the bags. Let's face it. No one wants to put their hands into gloves that someone else just was sweating in. Cleaned or not, that's just nasty.

​Here's the link to the gloves we use. These are approved open handed, leather MMA spar gloves.

BOXING/MMA Conditioning - If you want something x

Private Personal Training
So you walk into the gym and have no idea what to do...and that scary free weight section, what's up with that?

Do you want to get stronger? More defined? Build muscle? But you're stuck on the treadmill getting zero results? Then this is for you...learn the techniques you can take anywhere and workout.

We're going old-school! No fancy machines are needed. Your body and some free weights.
Get 6 training sessions and learn what to do with those weights. Proper form, technique and what those terms mean.
====>> Get off that treadmill and get results! <====
Why Free Weights?
* Weightlifting burns tons of calories and boosts the metabolism for hours, even days!
* Weightlifting shape-shifts your body
* Weightlifting produces strength and builds healthy muscle
* Weightlifting exploits endless exercise variations with just one tool
* Weightlifting improves your cardiovascular fitness.
* Weightlifting allows you to reduce your overall exercise time
*Weightlifting helps prevent the onset of adult diabetes, (Type II)!!! See  for my blog on this subject.

Here's Your Chance to Learn How to Really Use This Incredible Exercise Tool Safely & Effectively to Discover the Beautiful, Healthy & Fit Body Inside You!

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We offer CPR/AED Certification:Call (440) 409-3571 to schedule.

CORPORATE/GROUP TRAINING: Do you own a business? Do your employees need a Wellness Program? Don't fall for the big insurance schemes where they offer you assistance then send you to a local gym with no help. We offer group fitness and wellness at your location. Call us for details. (440) 409-3571

ONLINE/REMOTE TRAINING - Can't make it to the gym? Out of town? No problem. We've helped many people lose weight and get in shape via remote locations. Soon you'll have everything you need, including access to me, to get the job done quickly and safely. Send us an email (subject line Online) to be updated on the classes when they are ready. 



No treadmill required...